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Trade CFDs on global indices with one of Australia’s best value CFD providers.

We offer tight, fixed spreads 24/5 – trade the Australia 200 from 0.9pt and the DAX & UK 100 from 1pt, plus more.

Why Trade Indices with TradeDirect365?

  • Low-Cost Trading

    TD365 is one of Australia’s best value CFD providers, offering transparent trading costs through fixed spreads and low (or no) commission charges.

  • Tight Fixed Spreads

    Trade the Australia 200 index with a fixed spread of 0.9pts, the DAX & UK 100 with a 1pt spread and Wall St with a 2pt spread – all fixed spreads throughout the day.

  • Low (or No) Commission Fees

    We do not charge commissions on continuous contracts for indices, commodities and FX.

  • Desktop, Mobile, Tablet

    Trade on the go, anywhere in the world

  • Easy-To-Use Trading Platform:

    Our trading platform is efficient, intuitive and most importantly, user-friendly.

  • Go Long or Short

    Trade your view on the leading Australian, US, European & Asian stock indices by going long (buy) or short (sell).

  • ASIC-Regulated

    Trade with confidence – TradeDirect365 is a trading name of Finsa Pty Limited (AFSL No. 422661).

  • Responsible Leverage

    Access leverage of up to 200:1 on index trading.

Major Indices Market Information – TD365


Market Name

Min. (Fixed) Spread

Min. Spread Hours (AEST)

Margin From

Australia 200 0.9 point 08:50 – 16:30 0.50%
UK 100 1 point 16:00 – 01:30 0.75%
Germany 30 1 point 16:00 – 01:30 0.75%
Wall St 2 points 23:30 – 06:00 0.50%


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What Are Indices?

An index or indice is best defined as a portfolio of equities that represent the value of a particular market or sector of the market. Almost every country in the world has an exchange traded Index – a market (index) that reflects the underlying strength or weakness of the largest companies in that country. It is very much an indicator of a country’s economic health and well-being.

For example, the Australia 200 is Australia’s leading share market index and represents the largest 200 companies trading on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX). If, on average and all other things being equal, the stock price of these companies goes up, then the Australia 200 Index will also rise as a result. If stock prices decline, the index will more than likely fall in value.

Tradedirect365 Trading App

How Do You Trade Indices?

Trading index CFDs gives investors the opportunity to speculate on the price movement of an index without actually owning any of the stocks that make up the index. Traders can go both LONG (a buy trade) and SHORT (a sell trade) when using CFDs to trade indices – this is one of the biggest benefits of trading indices via a CFD trading platform. Find out more about the advantages of CFD trading versus traditional share trading here.


  • You believe that the Australian 200 Index will rise, so you place a ‘BUY’ trade on our trading platform.
  • 3 hours later the value of the Aussie 200 Index has risen. You will make a profit for every point that the Aussie 200 index goes up in value.
  • However, if the Aussie 200 index declines in value, you will make a loss for every point that the index moves against you.
  • Our trading platform (or App) will tell how much profit or loss you are making in real-time throughout the day and night.

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